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these are some pictures that i took when we fnished ALI

in here is shashico, me, hieu

me and chonnikan

shashico, chonnikan, enshon, me

nouwaf, shashicho, hieu, chinnikan, me, ahmed



some funny post with onother friend and preten to have a baby jejeje


In the 4 of July I went downtown near the river to watch the firework with my friends; it was very nice to see something new. The problem was getting in a good place because it was hard to find parking and stayed with your friends. We got in the place to watch the firework when the time came to see fire in the sky it was amazing. I could hear a big noisy sound going to the sky and explode in a big altitude living illuminate with different color in the sky. Some of these fireworks had different disdain and figure, for example: circle, start, and light. These figure with other color illuminate downtown of Toledo, and I enjoy seeing the sky with some firework. Finally in the end of the fireworks in the sky I think, it was all together with a big noisy and a big light nigh with the firework. All the entertainment was finish and the people start to living, after that start another big problem for us to wait to get out of this traffic.  





Last week, I was invited to celebrate the dependency of four of July with some American and international student as well. I went the Washington church because it was the place where we would celebrate the 4 of July. They prepared some food for this party and some game also. The food was very delicious it had chickens, rice, vegetables, and hamburger this was similar one of the most popular barbecue in America I think but any way it was very good.

In this picture I was with Enson, Sachico, and Hieu. Also, they were in this party too and we had a good time eating the delicious food it was prepare for all people who was in this party.

Now, all people begun to talk about the independents day but some people had no idea what it is about, and they started to explain why they celebrated this. The main person whose name is Nancy was explaining us all about the 4 of July.  DSC01245

She always does this party to teach some of the international student to learn more about the culture in USA, also she wanted that the international student talk more English with the American people. She explained that the 4 of July was the independency with England because long time ago England control the colony in the north of America before USA became country. American did not like that England put high tax and they had idea of revolution, and they did in 4 of July.

When the biography of July 4 was finish all people started playing some game that they had prepare for us, they had volleyball, three legs, and the stated of liberty. I played with other people volleyball and I got little tire with the game, and the other hand the rest of the group started playing the 3 legs and the stated of liberty. The 3 legs wasn’t very easy to see because it was in group of 2 person but they had to moor one leg of each person that why it looked not easy to play. The other one was strange because it had to copy the stated of liberty and they used some of the paper toiled in the person to look similar the stated but for me it maybe look a mommy.  


And the winner was the lady next to me and with this end the day of July 3.


One video about love that I like

I do not know about love. When I was in my country, I did not love any girl because it was hard to express my feeling. I had not had a girlfriend before, but one day I tried to talk with a girl I liked. It was useless because I was shy. The girl who I liked was so beautiful because her eyes are like the sky, her lips like petals of roses, and her skin was shining as the sun.  I always watched her when she did not even know me, but the problem was I never told her that I liked her. When I found out that she liked another person, I felt very sad. I was very angry for myself because I never told her that I liked her. I had to forget the girl who hurt my feeling. Also, I do not want to feel this pain any more, I decided to continue my life normally. When I finished my high school, I went to the USA to learn English. If I was thinking in another country, I will know more about love. In my country was not working with me, and I had bad experience in case of love.

Last year I came to USA to learn English and I found a lot of friends here. I have good friends who care about me. My friends and I always went out to parties and talked about our life. We were playing poker in friend’s house and talking about girls. I said that it is hard to understand love. One of my friends asked me why I felt that way. I told him that almost I fell in love. I got hurt at the same time I fell in love. I was naïve in that time I told him. He said that it is normal to fail the first time you fall in love. Really, I did not know that. I think it was a weak point that I had. He said all people have the same weak point.

He told me about a music video he liked. I said, “What is it about and how does it relate to my case?” And he only told me watch the video that’s it. “Ok” I said I will watch the video “Bendita Luz” that he told me. He said where I could find this video. My friend said it is about falling in love and that video is only related with blind love.

This video begins with the man under the water and the woman trying to help him to get out the pool. She did to save him but the man fell in the pool again. The song said thank God you are in my life. The man was alone and he is born blind person. She always finds him in her way, but he did not talk with her because he only walked along like a blind person. She always looks him in the eye but he avoids her without knowing. She watches him but she did not know the man is blind, but she loved him the first time that she saw him. She wanted to catch his attentions but he did not notice her. He was fortunate to find her in the middle of his way. She talked to him and she was surprised that he was blind, but it did not matter because she fell in love with him. Now she shares her feeling with him and the same way he shares his feeling with her.

After I saw this music video I can understand why my friend liked it. This music video shows me how a woman loves a man and after watching this video I will understand a little bit how people fall in love. In the video I knew she will understand her feeling for him and he will the same for her. But in my case it is different; I never told her. I like very much this video because it touched me. Now I can understand love. It was incredible how I can feel with out love. This video shows me something I did not know before but now I can feel very good – love.

In my opinion this video is beautiful because it expresses feeling about blind love. I liked a lot and it is remains with me. If I fell in love like this video, I will never stay alone. I learn more about life and love, because I need to be calm in my life and wait for the future love. It made me think about everything, my future and love. I keep my eyes open for the future and love.



The new technologic in cellular phone are amazing in this year, for example: iPhone, Nokia 95, and Blackberry Curve. With this cellular phone we can use the camera, the internet, and the phone with the accessory.

iPhone is the first cellular phone that creates Apple. The phone has camera with 2 megapixel and gorgeous 3.5 inch display. Also, this phone can carry thousand of photos and create different album for your photo. The internet is very useful any time with the scrim of 3.5 inches, you can see the website intro this iPhone. Also, iPhone permit to send email with graphics and photos; and you can use the GPS when it needs to find a local area. iPhone is very easy to carry in your packet and simple as calling someone with just typing a name or using favor contact. This phone is equal to have a computer in your hand. iPhone has 16 different accessories and also, it has malty touch user inter face that only you can used with touch the finger.

Nokia N95 has a 5 megapixel camera with DVD quality and also it can take some video with the camera. This phone has multimedia that means message, email, internet, images, games and map. This phone has accessed to internet with the wireless in your hang. Also, the internet permits to send email, search and map quest. For a cellular phone that has build Nokia is pretty sued by people who liked to be in contact the internet. The phone calls are good for a cellular phone and the design is very comfortable for any one.

Blackberry Curve has 2 megapixel camera and 3.5 mm for the scrim. It works very well any place in the world with phone call and the internet. It seems that this phone is only for business men who need to be with the phone 24h. The keyboard is different from the other 2 phone. This phone has another thing that is more used to business and not for fancy phone.
RIM BlackBerry Curve

These three different phones have something in commended, for example: it more used to internet and very comfortable by the design. I said that I most like it is the iPhone because I liked the big scrim it has. The other 2 phones have different style and porous: the Nokia N95 is seem for me more for the camera to take photo and video, the second one I am not used to be a business person or to have a job it needs the 24h with the phone. I prefer more the iPhone more than this two.


Last Saturday, I was invited to play mini golf with some friend. We went to “sportway”; in here have tree different sport that we can play. For example; the first was race car, the second was mini golf and the third was baseball and softball.

This was my first time that I would drive this mini car and I was a little exciting. We agreed to play race car first and see who the best was in the mini race car. We only have 3 labs with the car and the winner was Amide.



In the mini golf, I don’t know how to play with the wood because it was very thin for me. When I tried to hit the ball, it was another problem because I did not if I hit hard or slow. I was the last person to hit the ball in to the hole because I was watching how to hit the ball and put in the hole. It was fun when we finished the entire 18 hole.

mini golf

mini golf

After finished the mini golf, we played baseball in different section because the place had a machine with different speech. I tried with the 50 mph. I didn’t practice baseball before, but I was ready to hit the ball with the bat. It was a little faster for me and only I didn’t hit 5 balls the 15.


We practiced this tree sport in one day and we had a little picnic with ice-cream. One of my friend brought ice-cream and water to celebrate that we were together and had some fun.


Sustainability is about environmental protection and development repor;this can be for nature and recycle without distuction the enviroment.

“development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

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This sustainability helps with the society and technology to protect more the environment. We can see with this tree creation of the technology is helping the environment:

1. Tiny home: it is a kind of small vehicle house and very helpfully with some area that does no have a big space but are more comfortable. For example we have one person who is living in this tiny home:

“My name is Jay Shafer and since 1997 I have been living in a house smaller than some people’s bathrooms. I call the first of my little hand built houses Tumbleweed (top left). My decision to inhabit just 100 square feet arose from some concerns I had about the impact a larger house would have on the environment, and because I do not want to maintain a lot of unused or unusable space. My houses have met all of my domestic needs without demanding much in return. The simple, slower lifestyle my homes have afforded is a luxury for which I am continually grateful”.

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2. Earth ship: it is build with earth and has own power that are heat, cool, and water itself is only the nature.

“The Earthship is based on earth rammed tyre walls giving thermal mass to store heat. They are ‘heavyweight’ high quality buildings, designed with a comfortable low cost future in mind. They run free and yet can be realized at similar costs to the conventional utility dependant ‘lightweights’ that are currently proliferating.”

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3. Prefab: it is a house with pre-fabrication with other material but this housing is faster to build and has higher quality and with low cost.

The graceful forms and rich materials used in these homes defy the popular preconception of prefab housing as drab and primarily utilitarian. Since the components of the Dwell Homes and other modernist prefab houses are often less expensive because they’re mass-produced, design becomes the priority.
Dwell’s editor-in-chief, Allison Arieff, there’s a reason why modernist prefab housing is timely now. “Apart from home design, every product on the market now is modern,” says Arieff. “Most people have a high-tech phone, for example. There’s a significant population of design-savvy consumers.”

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These future houses are built with solar power, recycle material, and resource for the earth I mean nature resource. These are the future house that we can live peaceful with the environment


One of the celebration that have San Francisco is the Flavors of Ferry Plaza entice foodies, celebrity chefs.

They’ve come for the snap peas, heirloom tomatoes, muscling, five beans and “humanely raised” lamb that, for the past 15 years, have served as centerpieces to an important community ritual. (Take the America’s Favorite Cities survey )
Chef Alice Waters opened the venerable Chez Panisse in 1971 across the Bay in Berkeley, and are widely credited as the progenitor of a national food revolution, one effect of which has been to reflect celebrity back onto local farmers.
“I think Alice’s influence is pervasive, and the restaurants have all been influenced by the seasonal, local, artisanal, organic movement,” says Traci Des Jardins of San Francisco’s Jardinière restaurant and this year’s James Beard award winner for best chef in the Pacific region.

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“The strongest people in this world are the ones that find strength within themselves and not from others.”

People are stronger than other but we are human and human not always are stronger.

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